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Flipside Is A Treasure Trove of Music and Memory

"Wilcha’s candid avowal that his personal happiness coexists alongside his artistic regrets gives “Flipside” a bittersweet tinge, albeit one that is ultimately dispelled by the project’s overarching optimism. Wilcha’s hoard of video fragments is, above all, mined for his celebration of the people in his life, past and present. Only survive, the film suggests, and your time will come—provided you have loved and been loved well."

- The New Yorker full review

Speakeasy Conversation: Architects of the Story

While the documentary editor’s job is to achieve seamlessness for the audience, the road to get there isn’t set in stone. Join editors in discussing how collaboration in the edit room has unlocked new opportunities and challenges in documentaries.


Panelists include Claire Ave’Lallemant, Jean Tsien, and Flavia de Souza. Moderated by Cheree Dillon from Alliance of Documentary Editors.

April 6th, 2024 @ Full Frame Film Festival 2024


‘Flipside’ Review: A Documentarian’s Inspired Look at Life’s Unfinished Projects and the Stuff We Collect

"There’s a latticework of editing that joins these unfinished documentaries within Flipside and unites them as facets of Wilcha’s life. The idea that maybe what seem like loose ends from our past are actually plotlines awaiting unexpected resolution is both pleasantly Dickensian and wonderfully uplifting, if you think about it."

- The Hollywood Reporter full review

‘Flipside’ Review: Chris Wilcha’s Mesmerizing Collage of Aborted Documentary Projects Is a Tribute to Perseverance


"Though it’d be easy for Wilcha’s journey to play like a hodgepodge of discarded parts, “Flipside,” a film produced by Judd Apatow, is like a perfect, wondrous B-side collection: It is filled with the ideas you wished had become singles, and the intriguing conceptions that, even in their failure, tell you a bit more about the artist."..."The editing between segments moves intuitively, giving the feel of a well-sequenced track list." 
- IndieWire full review


TIFF 2023 Review: An Artist Spinning Their Wheels Leads to Success in Chris Wilcha’s “Flipside”

"In a magnificent feat of editing from co-editors Claire Ave’Lallemant and Joe Beshenkovsky, the film takes on the irresistible rhythm of flipping through crates of records as he looks back on his past projects, speeding through some of it, but more often slowing down and taking a longer look at certain things."..."They give shape to an experience you rarely see depicted so vividly of how an artist’s career is rarely in their control."
- The Moveable Fest full review

Disney+’s ‘Choir’ Shows the Power of Music in Official Trailer: Watch


"Throughout its storytelling, Choir — which is produced by Imagine Documentaries and Blumhouse Entertainment — hopes to provide a reminder of the arts’ importance in providing an opportunity for children to thrive, while also allowing them to transform their lives’ trajectory through scholarships and more."
- Billboard article


Cutting Apart: Remote Collaboration for Editor/Director Teams

Now more than ever, documentary teams are shifting to virtual tools for successful collaboration...Director/editor team Chezik Tsunoda & Claire Ave’Lallemant (Drowning in Silence) will showcase how they used Trello as a visual storyboarding device and organizational tool without ever stepping into the same room."

This event was recorded live on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 as part of DOC NYC Pro 2022 programming.

Netflix’s The Pharmacist Depicts the True Story of Grieving Father’s Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic 


"The Pharmacist is a quieter kind of hero’s story, highlighting how Schneider’s efforts as an individual facing a system much larger than himself helped to solve two cases. But the grief, over the loss of his son as well as the continued damage wrought by the opioid crisis—which Schneider saw exacerbated by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina—remains, and continues to push him forward."

- TIME full review


‘The Pharmacist’ Review: When doctors become drug dealers

"Dan Schneider, the hero – and here, that’s not hyperbole – of Netflix’s rollicking new four-parter...has an attribute even the best sources don’t usually offer: he has recorded, on film or audio cassette, everything he has been through, meaning The Pharmacist has a vivid immediacy most documentaries can’t achieve."
- The Guardian full review

‘Dogs’ Review: Netflix’s Docuseries Is a Poignant Love Letter to Humanity


"This series doesn’t star the dogs so much as use them as a vehicle to tell human stories...The series is tinged with the bittersweet acknowledgment that situations are far from perfect for dogs and humans alike. It’s a weighty endeavor that needed the best documentary storytellers, who were more than up to the task of balancing the cute and cuddly with the tarnished truth of the human condition."
- IndieWire full review

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